Escape Room Survival Guide

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Escape rooms are a great group activity that will test your skill and intellect. Follow these tips to maximize the time you spend solving the puzzle:

  1. Spread Out

If everyone on your escape game team is clumped around the same puzzle, you will likely run out of time. Spread out and work on something no one else is working on so that you do not forget to do any puzzles. This lets everyone feel useful and uses your time in the most efficient way. Just don’t forget to yell out your findings to the rest of your team!

  1. Search Thoroughly

Rather than just doing a scan, really search your escape room from top to bottom. A good way to do this is to act like you are “painting” the room, touching and looking everywhere from top to bottom. Do not forget to search inside, behind, and on top of furniture and objects.

  1. Listen Carefully

An Escape Canada host will introduce you to your escape room at the beginning of your journey. When listening to the information and rules, listen carefully for any hints they may slip into your orientation.

  1. Don’t Overcomplicate Things

Because your escape game is meant to be fun for a wide variety of audiences, previous knowledge is not usually required to win. For this reason, if you are stuck on a puzzle, try the most obvious or simple approach. Often not over-thinking will lead you to that “aha!” moment.

  1. Bring a Watch

Knowing exactly how much time you have left on your Escape Canada room will help your team budget time better. If you are not worried about being close to the end of your time allotment, you will be less likely to rush or feel stressed.

  1. Keep Objects Organized

Organizing the objects you find will help keep the escape room tidy and reduce the feeling of chaos. Open folded things, stack related books on top of each other, place small objects on a table, and keep all your unused keys in one place. This way, you can focus on solving puzzles rather than searching for an object that you are sure you found a few minutes ago.

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