Trespassed Escape Room

Trespassed is Escape Canada's most difficult escape room experience. Can you escape the Fitzgeralds' property with your friends?

You haven’t participated in Devil’s night since you were a kid, but your roommates haven’t stopped with the rumours of this old mansion on the outskirts of the city that they found geocaching – let’s do it! Laughing and steering per the GPS along the side roads, you look to find the vague break in the bushes, and a sign catches your eye, “Pembroke Dr.” This house, it has to be the Fitzgerald’s. Your nerves begin, it was only a myth. After all, nothing was ever found.

Can you make it off the Fitzgeralds’ property alive? Schedule your play time with the book now button below or explore our other escape rooms.

Difficulty: Difficulty: 6

Min. # of Players: 4

Max. # of Players: 10

Recommended # of Players: 6-10

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