The Crystal Skull Escape Room

The Crystal Skull London Ontario escape room is an exciting escape experience set in the Amazon Jungle. Can you and your friends complete the adventure and make it out with the treasure?

The Amazon has to be neatest project to it the desk yet – talk about a bucket list item. Not to mention, the temples are straight off of #instagram. The team is prepped, and we’re in bound as the lead archaeologists to assist with a project headed by World famous – Dr. Jones.Before taking off in the local planes to cross the strait, the term “calaverade cristal” is heard several times, but they can’t possibly still believe that myth, today. POW! Black smoke fills the cabin, and before you have a chance to think, you wake up. Half of the team is missing, including your guide, and direction is scarce.

Can you escape with the Crystal Skull treasure? Book now below or explore all our escape rooms.

Difficulty: Difficulty: 4

Min. # of Players: 2

Max. # of Players: 8

Recommended # of Players: 3-5

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