Book of Spells

Book of Spells

Difficulty: Difficulty: 4

Min. # of Players: 3

Max. # of Players: 8

Recommended # of Players: 4-6

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It seems surreal to have been staring down at that small white envelope, sealed by a fresh drop of red wax and pressed with the shapely coat of arms that only your dreams could describe. “You’ve been accepted as a student,” the letter read. “Welcome to a world of wizardry!” 
Joining your housemates its just about exam season – but one can hardly focus on exams when there is trouble and curiosity brewing within the very hallways in which you step. Some houses are known to produce superb wizards, others are known to abuse magic, and use it in ways only the darkest of wizards could have ever practiced. These dark powers are so powerful they should not be spoken of, for they are known to cause anguish simply by speaking their names’ aloud. 
The Book of Spells has gone missing from the school. Professors have been fooled, and dark presence is in the air. Your body burns with it, and you know it’s close. 
Through learning and prying information you’ve learned that there are students under dark influences at the school this semester, and that their intentions are very cruel. Pinpointing them from a professor’s point of view may be hard – but you know exactly who it is! And exactly how to stop them. 
Join your friends in locating the book; use its powers for good! Use every tool to your advantage along the way, stay quiet and undetected as you make your way through forbidden areas. Defeat the dark presence!