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Liliana Lapierre

Best wedding anniversary, working together to ESCAPE! We had so much fun and the owners are creative, fun and smart entrepreneurs! Will go again for sure!!!!

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Linh Tran

Had such a blast with the MSc people! Apocalypse was amazing, gotta check out the rest soon! You guys rock, will definitely spread the word about this place πŸ™‚Good luck with everything!

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Sylvie Cermak Gaede

So much fun! Barely made it out on time!

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Alyssa Marie

We had so much fun on valentines day in the rabbit hole! Thank you for an awesome time and yummy homemade cookies!

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Justin Dukelow

Absolutley amazing so much fun did the hardest room our first time and beat it definitely going back to do the rest of the rooms good job escape we had a blast

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