Twilight Zone – Memory Lane

Twilight Zone Escape Room

Difficulty: Difficulty: 4

Min. # of Players: 3

Max. # of Players: 10

Recommended # of Players: 4-8

Have you ever had a dream that was so vivid and intense you swore it was really happening? What about feelings of deja vu, that nagging sensation that something that should be unfamiliar has happened before? We’ve all had those experiences, and most of us just write them off as things that just happen, but what if there is something more to them? What if these strange feelings can reveal things about your past that you never knew before? It looks like you’re going to have the chance to find out. 

You and a group of your friends have awakened from your dream in a back alley!  An alley you use to play in as a child.  You all have pleasant memories of this place, but unfortunately, it’s slated to be torn down. Still, you have the chance to take one last peek at it. After all, it’s always fun to stroll down Memory Lane. Just be ready for whatever you find, because in this case, Memory Lane lies right at the edge of…the Twilight Zone. 

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Memory Lane Escape Room in Hamilton

“Twilight Zone – Memory Lane” is a creepy, trippy and fun look at childhood and old haunts and how they aren’t always exactly how we remember them. Time has a way of playing tricks on us, and now you and your friends need to look beyond what you think you know if you want to make it out of this escape room. Fans of the classic “Twilight Zone” TV show will find a lot to love from this escape game, but it will appeal to anybody who loves a good brain-teasing challenge. “Twilight Zone – Memory Lane” is designed for three to ten players, but groups of four to eight people will get the most out of this nostalgic experience.