Tales from the Crypt

tales from the crypt escape room

Difficulty: Difficulty: 5

Min. # of Players: 3

Max. # of Players: 7

Recommended # of players: 4 – 7

Let’s join Bell and the dolls! You must go back into the church walls! We sit in special spots, but we don’t dare get caught. An old haunted church burnt down many years ago. Come on down and free Bell and her dolls from inside the church walls. Welcome to Tales of the Crypt!

Are you a fan of the haunted and unknown? Does the idea of a haunting escape sound like an ideal evening? Gather some friends and try your hand at this hauntingly nostalgic escape room. Be warned – don’t you dare get caught, it could mean the difference between escaping on time or not. The Tales from the Crypt escape room is based on the spooky cult classic TV show, Tales from the Crypt and is unlike any other. It’s a must-see for any true horror fan, but not for the faint of heart.

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A Haunting Hamilton Escape Experience

The “Tales from the Crypt” escape room is the newest addition to the Hamilton location of Escape Canada. This escape room is set in an old and haunted church and features some spooky details that are important to escape on time. Follow the clues and get Bell and her dolls out of the church before it’s too late. Don’t be frightened by this creepy setting, the clues are all around – you just need to keep your eyes open for the odd and out-of-place – they could mean more than you think. As you can imagine, this room is ideal for lovers of the cult-classic TV show and all-around horror fans. Ideal for both new and experienced escape room enthusiasts, this new and exciting Hamilton escape room is not to be missed.