Alcatraz – The Rock

Alcatraz Escape Room

Difficulty: Difficulty: 4

Min. # of Players: 3

Max. # of Players: 10

Recommended # of Players: 5-8

Built on an island in San Francisco Bay, Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary was infamous for being completely escape-proof. A life sentence in Alcatraz meant you never got out, yet many people tried to escape during the 29 years the prison was in operation. Naturally, any escape room based on this notorious prison would seem impossible, but “Alcatraz – The Rock” puts you in the shoes of one of the only prisoners who made his way to freedom. This man was known to many as “Ghost,” and now you have the opportunity to duplicate his daring escape attempt and make it out of one of the most harrowing and escape-proof prisons to ever exist.

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The Rock Escape Room in Hamilton

Since this escape game is based on a place designed to keep very dangerous people from ever getting out, you and your friends will have your work cut out for you. Your escape won’t be an easy one, but remember that you are doing something that has been done before. There may be cold comfort in that, but it means there is a way to freedom. As new inmates in one of the world’s toughest prisons, you and your friends will need to search for clues everywhere to find a secret passage that many do not know exists. Can you do what the mysterious “Ghost” did over 50 years ago, or will you and your friends simply go down as one of the prison’s many failed escape attempts? Thanks to Escape Canada, you will soon have the chance to find out. Good luck, and hope that your sentence in one of the world’s most notorious prisons won’t be a long one.