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An escape room is a live-action escape game in which you must find a way to escape a scenario themed room. To do that, you need to find clues and solve scenario based puzzles which can be done by examining the objects in the room. Solving the clues and puzzles will lead you to progress through the room which will eventually lead to your escape when the mission of that specific scenario has been completed. There are some common rules when it comes to escape rooms. Here’s our official Escape Room Rulebook:


Leave Your Belongings Outside

– At Escape Canada, we ask that you voluntarily lock up all your personal belongings in the lockers provided. We do not allow cell phones or recording devices to be taken into the room.


Escape Is Always Possible

– Everything you will need to escape will be in the room with you. It will be within reach and easily accessible, but it will be up to you to find or solve it all.


You Will Have a Time Limit

– Part of the challenge of an escape game is to escape within a given time limit of 60 minutes.


Do Not Damage the Room

– Remember that everything you need to escape the room will be within reach and accessible. You will be able to easily open anything that is designed to be opened and take apart things that are meant to be taken apart. There is no need to break or tear off anything in the room.


Play at Your Own Risk

– Even though all our escape rooms are designed to be as safe as possible. Please be careful and avoid roughhousing, and remember you play at your own risk.


Have Fun

– Remember that this is a game, and it’s supposed to be fun, work together and you will make it out.  Relax, enjoy yourself, and good luck.