Escape Canada is a leading provider of Escape Room experiences in Hamilton & London, Ontario. Our years of experience in this industry makes us uniquely positioned to offer escape room consulting services for your new or existing escape room business.

Why we help other Escape Room owners

It’s a passion for puzzles. Not only do we gain pleasure from watching our own facilities succeed, part of our mission is to help bring success to other escape room owners. We revel in helping you design, construct, and advance your own reality missions.

Do you have a great escape room idea? We can help realize it!

We can help make your escape room idea, into a profitable live action adventure game. With our help, your newest puzzle equipment will have excitement and resiliency for maximum customer interaction. Teams will have to use every collective ounce of genius to escape!

Guarantee of Excellence

We have a history of success with our own escape rooms. Systems and technologies that we will recommend are already tried and tested in our own escape rooms. We guarantee our products because they are thoroughly analyzed and monitored. The data we collect ensures reliable, thrilling missions and puzzles.

Let’s start now!

We want to know about what you envision for your Escape Rooms and Puzzle Rooms. There is the option to go custom or look at what we host at our locations in Hamilton Ontario and London Ontario.

Are you ready to keep your customers on their toes and create a successful escape room business? Contact us to learn more about our consulting services!