An escape room can certainly be a great way to have fun with your friends. If you’ve got a competitive mindset, though, you know that these clever diversions are really all about winning. You can certainly bring almost anyone to an escape room with you, but if you want to win you’ll need put together the perfect escape room team. Below are must-have escape room teammates you need to bring along on your next escape room adventure.

The Captain

The leader of the group has an important role, even if he or she isn’t great at puzzles. This person keeps everyone focused and makes sure that everyone is focused and working collaboratively. A team without a captain likely won’t escape on time. This is an important role in ensuring the team is working together.

The Brain

You know that one friend you have that is great at puzzles? You need to bring him or her with you during your next escape room challenge. They are likely able to figure out the odd clues and eventually deal with that one puzzle that stumps the team. The Brain brings a little insight and a unique view to figuring out challenges that might otherwise get missed.

The Mechanic

Some escape room puzzles are more about physics and mechanics than intellectual knowledge. Someone in the group should understand how machines work in order to deal with the more physical puzzles. This might not be the person you think of as an escape game genius, but he or she will surprise you with his or her contributions.

The Heart

Finally, you’ll need someone who can keep their cool during the process. The heart of your escape room team might not be great at organizing things or solving puzzles, but he or she should be good at keeping the rest of the team from imploding. This team member will be there to cheer on teammates and keep things positive. As a bonus, this intuitively empathic person is usually pretty good at figuring out the more human puzzles in the game.

You’ll need people who fill all four roles to escape any escape room. Don’t be afraid to pick people with more than one skill, though. The more fields of expertise you can over, the better you’ll do in the room. Gather your winning team and try your hand at an escape room today!