So it turns out about the hardest thing to do when opening a business in London Ontario is not the business plan or bank loan or even the basic business idea , Its getting a building permit.

London Ontario Canada  is absolutely famous for being the toughest place to get a building permit IN THE WORLD.

OK I don’t know about the rest of the world  but I do know about Ontario and the stories I heard about other companies taking years to get permitting and moving to cities where it only takes weeks convinced me we had better lay in for the long haul of this permitting thing and I was right.

The city had NO IDEA what an escape room was and it scared them.

We had to confirm and reconfirm that at NO POINT WOULD THE DOOR BEHIND THE PLAYERS BE LOCKED but still they could not get their minds around it.

Then there was the problem with magnetic locks.

The reason the good escape  rooms  use magnetic lock is because they fail in the off position and it only takes 60 lbs pressure to open them.

This means if something dangerous happens and you are so scared that instead of leaving the room the way you came in (like normal people), if you want to try and bust through the unknown door in-front of you ( like an idiot), you can do so by  hurling a 7 year old against the door.

Unless of course if the power is off (like happens in a real emergency) the door will not be locked in any way whatsoever. 

… the city had a problem with that and wanted me to install normal locking doors.

I refused…. for your safety. 

It took several more e-mails and me personally waiting for an hour so I could act out with many hand gestures and e-mails my point before they agreed.

But at the end of it all we had our permit…. except it had 7 more inspections to pass before we could open … BUT WE HAD OUR PERMIT !!!!

Next Up…… Let the whirlwind begin.