Trucking Escape

Trucking Escape

Well the stars had aligned and we had our fantastic new run down home.

Time for saying a tearful goodbye to Escape 1.0  before it became a pit.

Lots of the staff members were on site to give it the proper farewell, but the most urgent thoughts were directed at …

How the heck do we get the airplane out of the crystal skull room and also “How do we get it into Escape 2.0 without shutting down Richmond st?”

Pictures are worth thousands of words…

Airplane Escape

Airplane Escape

escape room airplane escape

Escape Room Airplane Escape

And there is a time lapse video to follow soon.

After we were all moved in this thought struck us…

Wow, this place is going to have everything we need to make this the best Escape House we have ever seen, but we are going to have to work harder than we ever have in our lives to realize the potential.

Coming next….

Goodbye Escape 1.0