lessons from escape roomsImagine having an absolute blast with your friends, colleagues or family while mastering awesome life skills. Everyone knows that escape rooms can make your heart race, they make you laugh and think, but have you ever stopped to consider how valuable a trip to an Escape Room can be? Here are just some of the life-enhancing skills you may pick up during this high-intensity adventure you’ll never forget. 

How to work with a team – like a boss 

Teamwork is key!  Your ability to effectively collaborate with other people will have a big impact on your success in the workplace, as well as in other aspects of your work. Some people are born to lead, while others hesitate to take the driver’s seat. When trying to navigate the high-pressure atmosphere of an Escape Room, you will begin to recognize how different personalities interact and your leadership capacities will certainly be tested. 

Learn how to communicate more effectively and compensate for team members’ weaknesses by assigning roles that align with their strengths. Recognize your own shortcomings as a team player and adapt more effective mechanisms for supporting the shared goal of your Escape Room team.  

Work under pressure 

Tick tock – with only 60 minutes to finish complicated riddles, the clock looms over you in an Escape Room. Like in life, when we are placed under immense pressure, we tend to enter a fight or flight mind frame, and that very rarely results in the best possible outcomes. The more Escape Rooms you attempt to work through, the better you will become at remaining calm in intense situations.  

Whether you become able to tackle more projects at work with tight deadlines or you learn how to remain calm when dealing with personal conflict, you can thank a portion of your peace of mind to your Escape Room experiences. 

Think critically, solve problems creatively 

When you enter an Escape Room, you will be presented with confusing – and even misleading – storylines, forcing you to analyze and determine what is and what is not. You need to think critically about how each piece of the puzzle fits (or decide whether you need new pieces altogether).  

As you begin to discern which patterns are relevant to your escape, you will then need to come up with creative solutions to overcome the obstacles that are preventing you from saving the world from an apocalypse or escaping an invader. 

Set goals and get ‘er done 

Goal setting can be scary, and many people really struggle with articulating what they want to achieve. In an Escape Room, you don’t have the option to twiddle your thumbs and think in abstract ways. You and your teammates understand what the main objective is: get out alive. But, you will need to work together to set out the tactics to help you get there.  

Escape Rooms aren’t just for fun (although they are a totally awesome form of entertainment). Whether you want to learn to work more effectively with your colleagues or do some family bonding, book an Escape Room and transform your free time into the opportunity to develop serious life skills.