History of Escape RoomsEscape Rooms have an interesting history and seem to be increasing in popularity, and with good reason. Although they appear to be a fairly new activity, the original concept has been around for quite some time.  

We explore the origins of escapes rooms and how they’ve become a worldwide phenomenon!  

Video Games: The Original Escape Room   

The idea behind escape rooms comes from early video games where players explored the surrounding of a room to complete tasks and escape from a room or move onto the next level. PC games such as King’s Quest, Police Quest, Sierra Point Click Series and Crimson Room were all popular games that included the concept of completing a series of tasks and puzzles to escape a room.

Start of The Escape Room 

In 2006, a Japanese developer named Takao Kato created the very first version of an escape room by staging a themed room where players would solve riddles and puzzles to escape. The inspiration behind this came from his interest in Manga and he wanted to bring the environments and experiences to life. In 2007, he launched Real Escape Game and developed a number of escape rooms through the business. Compared to the escape rooms we see today, those first escape rooms created by Takao were quite small, accommodating only groups of 5 or less. This concept quickly became popular throughout Asia with escape room locations popping up around the continent.  H2: Steady Escape Room Growth 

Steady Escape Room Growth 

Budapest is considered the European birthplace of Escape Rooms. The founder of Parapark, Attila Gyurkovics, wanted to create live a live escape game and was unaware that this concept was popular and already well established in Asia.

The Parapark franchise grew and in 2007 they opened up their Hungary franchise. The popular game then made its way to North America as SCRAP opened the first American escape room, the “Real Escape Game”. In 2013, the first Canadian escape room opened in Canada.

Today, this unique concept can be found worldwide and continues to grow, with new rooms opening and evolving every day. Great escape rooms continue to change their stories and puzzles, making it exciting and enticing for fans of this interactive pass-time.   
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