Escape Rooms are considered one of the best team buildings activities you can do. It’s a way for family, friends, and co-workers to get together and use teamwork and their collective skills to beat the clock and escape on time. Here are some teamwork tips and skills to ensuring a faster escape during your next escape room outing.

Work Together

We can’t say this enough. Teams who successfully make it out of an escape room on time, work together to do so. Don’t try and be the hero here, the whole point of an escape room is to work together with your team to solve the puzzles. Everyone will bring to the table a unique viewpoint and will be able to see things and catch clues differently.

Communication Is Key

Communication is an absolute must to successfully escape. Some room styles even force the communication element by separating the team so that they are forced to communicate effectively to crack all the clues. But communication is important no matter the room style. If you find a clue, yell it out as soon as possible and let your teammates know. Someone else may have found another clue that will link the two together. Whatever you are doing or thinking to try and solve the puzzle, make sure you are communicating with your team.

Don’t Over-Watch the Clock

No matter the size of your room or team, try and avoid being fixated on the time remaining. If you are spending the entire allotted time checking the clock every few minutes, it will stress everyone out. You will be focused on the countdown and you might miss out on some important clues. Try not to think about the clock and just focus on discovering clues to beat the puzzle.

Spread Out and Work on Different Puzzles

If you’re a large group or small, spread out and try and tackle different puzzles and areas of the room. This maximizes the coverage and will help to ensure that every little nook and cranny is covered. As we mentioned, make sure you’re vocalizing anything that might be a clue to the rest of your team working on different puzzles or corners of the room.

Keep Everything Organized

Be sure to keep important clues or puzzle pieces together in a designated area so that it’s easy for any team member to find. Choose a spot to keep the clues once they are discovered – this helps to cut down on time going back and forth looking for the clue again. Also, consider keeping any keys that are found directly inside or near the lock that they are for. Keep all your clues organized and you will avoid wasting time going back and forth.

Now that you have all the tricks of the trade for a successful escape – gather a group and put the practices in place. Schedule an escape room outing today!