Original Escape is set to be demolished in 2 months (September 1st)  and I am now a partner in a dream and hundreds of Escape room props and electronic components without a home.

Believe it or not everything was going to plan.

Shawn and Emily had been in negotiations to simply move across the street to a nice old eclectic brick building and carry on from there.

The Escape 1.5 that was not meant to be

The Escape 1.5 that was not meant to be


I agreed and we had a building inspection prepared and all was set to build before close and not interrupt business what so ever.

It was then destiny began its heavy assault in making sure we were to create the next level of escape room experience.

We found out the entire third floor of Escape 1.5 was not to code and we could not use it this only allowed room for 3 themed rooms.

And  final landlord negotiations relieved a  completely  insane set of terms were we would basically pay for everything in the building like heat, water , roof  etc to be replaced.

The last straw was the rent was to be almost doubled.

With time running out before the move it was time to look for another home for Escape to realize our new destiny.


Next … It was sitting there for over a year, quietly…. patiently waiting for us to make it our home.