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Common Escape Room Mistakes

You only have 60 minutes to tackle the challenge that is an escape room. That time can go by quickly and ineffectively if you're guilty of common escape room mistakes.   Teams often come out of escape rooms with insights and a realization of the mistakes they may have made and ways they could have been [...]

Lessons from Escape Rooms That Apply to Everyday Life

Imagine having an absolute blast with your friends, colleagues or family while mastering awesome life skills. Everyone knows that escape rooms can make your heart race, they make you laugh and think, but have you ever stopped to consider how valuable a trip to an Escape Room can be? Here are just some of [...]

The History of Escape Rooms 

Escape Rooms have an interesting history and seem to be increasing in popularity, and with good reason. Although they appear to be a fairly new activity, the original concept has been around for quite some time.   We explore the origins of escapes rooms and how they’ve become a worldwide phenomenon!   Video Games: The Original Escape Room    The idea behind [...]

Escape Room Puzzle Design

Do you love puzzles and survival challenges? If so, then escape room adventures are for you! Escape rooms present an exciting opportunity to live out a great adventure of being trapped in a room and having to work with teammates to free yourselves in 60 minutes or less. As you work towards this common [...]